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Deposits and Cancellation Policy


At Pont Steffan Dental we always aim to provide quality dental care, whilst using clinical time to it’s full potential. When we book you in for an appointment, we are committing our time and resources to your dental needs. If you do not attend your appointment without sufficient notice, we are then unable to allocate that time to another patient.

We do appreciate that patients can be busy at times, and this may mean that you have to cancel and rebook a scheduled appointment. If so, please do contact us as soon as possible, and we will endeavour to rebook your appointment at a more convenient time for you.

However, failure to attend or cancel without sufficient notice (see our “Cancellation Policy” below) means we are unable to offer the appointment to other patients.

Due to an increase in lost clinical time from missed appointments and late cancellations, it is our strict policy to request full payments and/or deposits as well as applying charges if insufficient notice of cancellation or amendment is given.



There is the expectation that once an appointment has been booked, you will attend at the mutually agreed date and time. Of course we appreciate life can sometimes prevent you from attending, this is why we ask that you provide us with a required notice so we can reallocate your appointment slot to another patient.

On booking your appointment, we will collect deposit payments where appropriate, payment of which confirms your commitment to attend your appointment. Our deposits are fully refundable when sufficient notice of cancellation/rebooking is given (see below) and these are set at the following levels:

  • New Patient Consultations: 100% fee payable
  • Non-Registered Emergency Appointments: £265
  • Implant/RCT/Ortho/Perio/Surgical Consultations: 100% fee payable
  • Surgical/Ortho/Implant/RCT/Perio Treatment: 50% - 100% fee payable
  • Direct Access Hygiene Appointments: 100% fee payable

We will request the full amount of an appointment as a deposit if an external clinician is visiting the practice to treat you, or if an appointment of 1 hour or more is being reserved for you. This will include, but is not limited to Specialist treatment (including Dentists with special interests).

At our discretion, we may accept a booking on a provisional basis without payment of a deposit. On these occasions, we will agree an alternative arrangement for collection of the deposit. If you do not pay the deposit within the agreed timescale, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and reappoint.



If for any reason you are unable to attend your arrange appointment, it is important that you inform us as soon as possible to avoid incurring cancellation fees.

In order for us to run an efficient appointment system, we ask that patients cancel appointments accordingly:

  • 24 hours before the start time of your appointment (*excluding appointments with Special Interest Dentists or Specialists)
  • 72* hours before the start time of your appointment for Sedation, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Implant, Periodontics, Restorative and Surgical

Please note: as we are closed on Saturday & Sunday, these will not be included in the above time frames. To cancel an appointment that is scheduled on a Monday, notice must be given no later than Friday morning. Public holidays are also not included, so you must also take these into account.

If we have been given sufficient notice of your cancellation, postponement or amendment, your deposit can be refunded to you on request. If this is not requested, it will be held on your account to use for future appointments.


Non-Attendance (incl. Late Cancellation, Late Requests to Reschedule and Late Arrivals)

If you fail to attend your appointment, cancel/re-book later than the above timeframes or arrive late, we reserve the right to apply a charge as below:

  • New Patient Consultations: 100% fee payable
  • Non-Registered Emergency Appointments: 100% fee payable
  • Implant/Root Canal/Ortho/Perio/Oral Surgery Consultations: 100% fee payable
  • Oral Surgery/Ortho/Implant/Root Canal/Perio Treatment: 50% - 100% fee payable
  • Direct Access Hygiene Appointments: 100% fee payable
  • All other appointments will be charged for a contributory cost of the appointment time allocated (£20 per 15 minutes).

This charge will be debited to your account with us. If you have not paid a deposit this charge will need to be settled before treatment can continue.

Late Arrival - Registered Patients

If you arrive late for your appointment you will likely be asked to reschedule. However, this will be dependent on how much appointment time is left and whether or not the clinician can still accommodate you.

We strive to see every patient as close as possible to their appointment time. However, this can only be achieved by arriving on time for each appointment. One or two late patients can cause the entire diaries schedule to fall behind, causing inconvenience to other patients.